Energy Management

With rising energy costs and a dwindling coal supply, energy management will become a priority for every business. The Company understand that the process of managing energy sounds vague, which is why Jager engineers are trained to measure and verify the energy savings according to widely recognised international protocols. For Jager, energy management is all about finding a proactive and organised approach to systematically manage clients’ business’s energy consumption. With sophisticated software written in-house, Jager collects detailed energy data to start the process of managing the client company’s energy consumption more efficiently. After analysing consumer data, a plan to optimise energy production and consumption can be created with their unique needs in mind. 

We realise how important it is for your business to become energy efficient. At Jager, our engineers and technicians are always working on cutting-edge solutions that translate into real cost reduction for you.

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BMS (Building Management Solutions)

Building Management Solutions (BMS) is a smart energy management solution to help you manage and monitor electricity usage in your properties. Let us provide the solution to put you in control of components like lighting, ventilation, power and security systems in your facilities.

Jager can also help manage your energy consumption with our expertise in Bulk Metering. By analysing energy usage online, we can help optimise your energy consumption. We determine when maximum demand is applicable and find solutions to manage it. We also provide a turnkey solution when it comes to Power Factor Correction.

Remote BTU Metering

Innovative heat/cooling metering solutions embrace remote reading of meters to provide timely and accurate data – information that is indispensable for customising metering solutions to save energy.

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Geyser Control

Geyser Control

Geyser control is implemented in a building to control geyser times on when to use energy. By doing this, Jager can prioritise which geysers get switched on. This allows the system to minimise the kVa spikes that occur. With a solar system connected, the geyser load can be shifted to the daytime for further savings. The thermal controller is the component that lets the pump know when to start circulating either the heating fluid or water.

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Let us help you mitigate your energy consumption through the control of components like lighting, ventilation, power and security systems in your facilities.