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Our History

Ivaan recognises the potential of applying the latest technology to manage utilities simply, but smartly. The idea to form a company to revolutionise the way utilities are managed is born.

Ivaan launches Jager Technologies CC; initially specialising in setting up electronic communication with various hardware components, using custom software.

Bertus de Jager invests in the company and takes it to new heights as CEO. Successfully expands into new markets including custom web-based solutions.

The company starts development of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Manual Meter Reading (MMR) software. After achieving success in the private sector, Jager Technologies becomes a major player in the metering industry with an appointment from a locally based power distributor to exclusively read all their AMR bulk meters. Building on this success, a further appointment follows to read all their manual meters too.

Further grand scale expansion with satellite offices in the Free State area where exclusive appointment to read manual meters follow. Local success leads to contracts gained outside the borders of South Africa with an exclusive appointment to read all bulk meters in a northern African region.

Jager becomes a major competitor in the industry by developing and registering their STS prepaid system. With in depth expertise and experience in AMR, the company develops one of the first smart prepaid systems in South Africa.

Ivaan de Jager takes over as CEO of Jager Technologies as the company ventures into renewables. The company’s first finely engineered solar system is installed and further expansion into funding of utilities and solar projects is initiated.

In keeping with its astonishing growth, the company is rebranded and launched as Jager. Offices open in Johannesburg and  Namibia.

Jager Cape Town opens its doors.


Since 2005 Jager has been leading the way with cutting-edge solutions which simplify utility management. We’re an EPC company with over 40 talented employees, all focused on providing flawless solutions which put our clients in control of their utility expenditure and energy management.

We are constantly innovating – searching for smart solutions to current and emerging utility needs. We have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to relieve the frustration of dealing with utility challenges, uniquely tailored to meet our customers’ unique requirements.

We are investing in a sustainable future through our renewable energy solutions. For the South African market renewable energy sources, like solar energy, create security. Our pioneering team of engineers apply the latest technology to create renewable energy solutions for your business, solutions that drive revenue and reduce energy expenditure. As energy management is becoming a global concern, we are leading the way with our sophisticated solutions.

Why Jager

Our software is written in-house to ensure that the Jager standard of quality is met. It also allows us to creatively customise solutions to unique customer needs.  Our high standard of service is the reason property developers, landlords, businesses and schools favour our utility solutions. We work hard to maintain our reputation for excellence, and to exceed our clients’ expectations. With membership to some of the most forward thinking professional associations, you can be sure of our commitment to keep innovating to find the best utility solution for you.


Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple, we want to put our customers in control by providing them with smart solutions to manage energy and utilities more efficiently.  We do this by constantly innovating solutions to modernise metering, energy management and renewables.

Our vision connects us with a global movement towards better energy management – managing energy and utilities smartly to give our clients more control, less expenditure and a more secure, sustainable future.

Meet the Team

Ivaan de Jager

Chief Executive Officer

Elize postma

Strategy Manager

Riekie Lessing

General Manager

Rayno Nel

HOD Engineering

Thomas Braxton

Utility manager

Peet Greyling

Technical Manager

Maretha Botes

Project manager